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Top 10 Graduation Lei 2023

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Lately, Hawaiian Lei have become popular for graduation ceremonies. Traditional Graduation Lei or giving floral lei at graduation has long been a tradition at schools in Hawaii; leis from family members and friends represent both Aloha (love) and congratulations for the graduate and also symbolize best wishes for good luck.

A Graduation Lei uses fresh flowers and are strung into a garland and given to a graduate to hang around their neck. Looking for Graduation Lei ideas? Here is our top 10 popular graduation lei for 2023. Let's give your graduate more pride and make your graduation celebration more memorable.

Check these our for top 10 Graduation Lei ( Fresh Hawaiian Lei )

1. Purple Orchid Single Lei

Single strand Purple Orchid Leis are one of the the classic Lei of Hawaii. Simple, beautiful and long lasting. Best seller all-year round! An excellent gift of value for graduation, gatherings, and special events. This durable flower lei is very easy to take care of. Check here Purple Orchid Single Lei

2. White Orchid Single Lei

Natural & lush look made of White Dendrobium Orchids. This lei delivers a pristine & clean look, perfect for all special occasions and clothing and highly recommended for weddings and events. The single strand uses around 47- 50 Dendrobium Orchid flowers for a lei length of 38" in circumference. Check here White Orchid Single Lei

Want to learn a more about Hawaiian Lei ?

3. Dyed Orchid Single Lei

Dyed Color on Purple Dendrobium Orchid Lei. Our most popular flower lei! Our single strand Dyed Orchid Lei uses a natural dyed process where the flower soaks the color internally through its stem and through the petal's veins. It is NOT topically tinted or sprayed like other methods. Dyed Leis come in 6 colors and are dyed on the purple orchid flower. Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink , Red. Check here Dyed Orchid Single Lei

4. Double Lei

Double Dendrobium Orchid Lei is made of over 150 blossoms, about triple the amount of blossoms compared to a standard single stand lei. There are 3 natural colors which are Purple, White, Green. Also Dyed colors are available to match with school colors. Dyed colors include Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green & Orange. Buy Double Lei here. Also save more with our Graduation leis pack

5. Maile Ti Leaf Lei

Graduation lei
Maile Ti Leaf Lei Wrapped With Orchid Lei

Maile ti leaf lei is one of Hawaii's iconic lei and has been worn to represent good luck. It is a very popular alternative to Hilo Maile and Polynesian Maile. To wear an authentic Ti Leaf Lei embodies the spiritual essence of the Hawaiian people and their values. It is a special lei that marks tradition and culture in a beautiful hand-woven pattern. It is made using Ti Leaf that is cut and woven together in a braid. Check out Maile Ti Leaf Lei or Maile Style Ti leaf Lei & Orchid Lei Wrap.

6. Ti Leaf Lei

It is a classic special lei that marks tradition and culture in a beautiful hand-woven pattern. It is made using Ti Leaf that is cut and woven together in a braid. Our Ti Leaf Lei with white orchid wrap is one of Hawaii's iconic leis and has been worn to represent good luck. Traditionally the Ti Leaf was used for everyday things from cooking, footwear, ceremonial tasks, cooling a fever, and protecting one's home. To wear an authentic Ti Leaf Lei embodies the spiritual essence of the Hawaiian people and their values. Check out Ti Leaf Lei here.

7. Butterfly Lei

The Butterfly Lei is a classic & elegant fancy orchid lei with over 150+ flowers used to craft this luxury style flower lei.The Butterfly lei has the look of butterfly wings. Our Butterfly lei is designed with dyed & natural white Dendrobium Orchids for the ultimate Hawaii tropical lei look and feel. It is a comfortable lei that is worn flat. Check out our butterfly lei

8. Spiral Lei

A handcrafted classic spiral lei made from 1000 orchid petals. It take our experts about 2-3 hours to make this spiral lei . It is a very beautiful lei and showcases intricate patterns with a very neat appearance. Celebrate and honor your special someone with this unique and special luxury lei. Check out our spiral lei

9. Tuberose Lei

Freshly cut fragrant white blossoms of tuberose used to create this amazing traditional Hawaiian Lei. Tuberose Lei has a unique sweet fragrance straight from our Hawaiian Islands and grown locally for generations. A favorite for everyone with its striking white appearance and iconic sweet smelling aroma. Check out our tuberose lei and all fragrant lei

10. Haku Lei

A gorgeous Haku lei worn on the head and made with a variety of flowers, baby's breath and ferns. A Haku lei is a head (crown) lei usually reserved for those special occasions such as luaus (parties), graduations, weddings, and ceremonies. The word “Haku” refers to a technique of lei-making where the flowers and/or greenery is sewn/braided with the “face-out.” Buy Here Haku lei Learn more about Haku Lei Here.


Graduations are a time to celebrate. There are many graduation lei to choose from and depending on your theme and budget there are many options for every graduate. As you can see there are many things to consider like color, durability, fragrance, meaning. If you don't already have a specific lei in mind we recommend the classic orchid lei. This lei comes in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from natural to dyed to match any school colors. It is the most durable lei that can last upwards of a week or more if stored properly. Perhaps the best thing about the orchid lei is its price. It is the most economical lei and combined with its durability makes for the perfect graduation lei in many cases allowing one to purchase more than 1 lei to spoil your graduate as it is a Hawaiian tradition to pile lei higher than ones head in celebration. We also recommend visiting as they host some of the best prices, options, availability for orchid lei. They pack each order with gel ice packs and can do overnight shipping to multiple states so your lei arrives fresh and ready for your graduate.

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