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Give the Gift of Aloha

  • Buy Hawaiian Lei offers authentic Hawaiian leis, blooms and flower leis at the lowest price guaranteed. If you are looking for leis shipped to the mainland from Hawaii, we offer the best quality, selection and service. Our Lei Online store has the best selection for traditional Hawaiian Leis.

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Meaning of Receiving and Giving of a Hawaiian Lei

  • Not matter if your lei is made of orchid blooms, leaves, quills, kukui nuts or a mix, a lei speaks to something other than a neighborly hi. Receiving a lei is a show of friendship, an inviting embrace and a show of that you the receiver has been honored.
  • The convention of lei-giving reaches out past a the traditional giving only to island guests arriving to Hawaii. Hawaiians have been making and displaying leis to each other for a considerable length of time. It is an art form that can be traced back to the South Pacific, where Polynesian societies would string together whatever materials they had close by—bone, shells, teeth, vines—to embellish themselves, respect their divine beings and blessing each other in a display of companionship, love and honor.

Lei Etiquette 101

  1. To wear a lei accurately, wrap it on your shoulders with half of it hanging to the front and half to the back.
  2. Rejecting a lei that somebody presents/gives to you is viewed as discourteous.
  3. Leis can be are great at weddings as they are historically used to symbolize the joining of the couple and their families.
  4. Dispose of any lei with care. It is tradition to disassemble the lei from string or non-biodegradable part and return the flower and leaves back to nature (disposing in the ocean, burying into the earth or burning it into the air).

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