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Give the Gift of Aloha with Real Flower Lei

If you’re looking for fresh Hawaiian lei shipped to the mainland, we have the best selection and quality at Buy Hawaiian Lei! Our lei are made by hand using real flowers to add unmatched beauty and island vibrance to your celebration. You’ll find fresh orchid lei, Hawaiian Tī leaf lei, Kukui nut lei, and more lei online. All of which are 100% authentic and Hawaiian-made. Experience the Aloha spirit!

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Though beautiful, lei are more than a greeting to island guests. It’s an art form that dates back to the South Pacific, where Polynesian societies would string together close by materials – bone, shells, teeth, vines – to embellish themselves, respect their divine beings, and bless each other in a display of companionship, love, and honor.

Today, we continue the rich tradition of giving and wearing real flower lei as a symbol of celebration and Aloha – and you can too! Show your love and make the moment extra special with beautiful Hawaiian lei shipped to the mainland. We ship nationwide and locally.

100% Freshness Guaranteed

Have an upcoming graduation, wedding, fundraiser, or party? Add a touch of Hawaiʻi to your next celebration with our handmade flower lei! We offer a wide selection of lei and bulk lei made from orchid blooms, leaves, kukui nuts, and more, so you can find the perfect lei to brighten the occasion.

You can always feel confident in the quality of your real flower lei with Buy Hawaiian Lei. Our colorful, custom-made boxes are insulated and temperature-controlled to ensure 100% freshness with each order.

Order your lei online today and enjoy fast shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our flower lei, check out the FAQs below and contact us for more support!

  1. What occasions are lei given for?

    In addition to being given when someone is arriving or leaving Hawaiʻi, lei are given at weddings to symbolize the joining of couples and their families, to celebrate and wish luck at graduations, and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries. They’re also given at luaus and other parties!
  2. How do you preserve real flower lei?

    Since they’re made using real flowers, fresh lei can wilt just like any other flower. Their ideal temperature is around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why some people keep them in the refrigerator for care or storage purposes. Our Hawaiian lei are shipped to the mainland in temperature-controlled boxes and a cold pack to guarantee freshness!
  3. What is the etiquette for giving/receiving lei?

    First: you should never reject a lei, because it’s considered discourteous and disrespectful. When given a lei, you should wrap it on your shoulders with half of it hanging to the front and half to the back. Finally, you should always treat lei with care and consideration when finished with it by returning it to nature or drying it to keep it for a long time.
  4. Is there a special way to dispose of real flower lei?

    Lei should be disposed of with care. It’s tradition to disassemble a lei from the string or the non-biodegradable part and return the flowers and leaves back to nature, such as by disposing of them in the ocean, burying them in the earth, or burning them in the air. You can also dry them to preserve and keep them.

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