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Care Guide

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3 cups




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Do Not Freeze

What is the best way to take care of your Hawaiian Lei?

The proper care can help your lei last longer.  Almost all orchid lei styles, as well as ti leaf, maile lei should last about 3-7 days after arrival. For Pikake & Tuberose lei, they are more sensitive and have a shorter shelf life.


Helpful Tips for Our Leis and Loose Blooms

  1. Once you receive your shipment, quickly unpack the leis carefully.

  2. Lightly mist lei with water.

  3. Put the lei(s) in a plastic grocery bag or a Ziploc bag. 

  4. Store your lei. Avoid temperatures below 45° F and do not place in the freezer. A good temperature range is between 45 ° F – 55 ° F. If you have ordered a large bulk shipment make sure you have a proper place to store them. Such as a walk in refrigerator or similar.  

  5. Another way to store the leis is with a cooler with ice in it. Place a hand towel or newspaper over the ice so the leis do not touch the ice. See our video on

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