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Special Occasion Leis

“Lei is a tradition that we give to others to say how we feel", according to Give the gift of Aloha with our Special Occasion Leis. Fresh graduation Leis, wedding leis, birthday Leis, and holidays.

Meaning of Lei Giving for Special Occasions

  • When you give someone a Hawaiian lei, it symbolizes your affection towards another person. Hawaiian leis are given when someone is arriving and leaving, especially when traveling to Hawaii. Special occasions leis are given and received as weddings leis, birthday leis, graduations leis, promotions, at luaus and funeral leis. It’s no surprise that leis are given to celebrate every individual stage of life.
  • Traditionally, the receiver lowers their head down so the gift-giver can place the lei around their neck and end this custom with a kiss. Show your ALOHA, love, and appreciation with a unique gift from Buy Hawaiian Lei.

Why do Hawaiians give leis?

  • Traditional Hawaiian leis were constructed of flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers, and even bones and teeth of various animals. As a Hawaiian tradition, leis were worn by ancient Hawaiians to enhance their beauty and to stand out from others. Basically to show themselves a distinguished and honored members of the community. This was extended as the culture of Aloha was cultivated. Leis are not just to beautify oneself, rather a lei is to show respect and honor to another person in a beautiful and natural manner. Hawaiian leis are a unique Hawaiian gift given at parties, celebrations, weddings, and graduations. Orchid leis, Maile leis are the most common. There are also very unique leis such as the Tuberose lei, Cigar lei, and Ti Leaf lei that are sure to please the most sophisticated tastes.

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