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Lei for Parties, Fundraising, and More

If you’re hosting a big party, we have fresh lei to brighten your celebration! Our lei is 100% handmade and sure to transform any party, fundraising event, or wedding into a Hawaiian paradise in an instant. From our classic fresh purple lei to our beautiful kukui nut lei, we have a variety of lei for every occasion at Buy Hawaiian Lei. Add a touch of Hawaiʻi to your next celebration with our bulk order lei!

Experience the Natural Beauty of Hawaiʻi

Luaus aren’t the only place for bulk lei. They’re also perfect for fundraising events, holiday parties, graduation parties, political party events, weddings, and more!

Why order fresh lei in bulk? They let you experience the natural beauty of Hawaiʻi, no matter where you are! You can order lei to bring out the island vibes of your party, put guests in the mood to celebrate (and fundraise!), or even just add a fun splash of color that enlivens the atmosphere.

Order lei for parties with confidence thanks to our 100% freshness guarantee!

100% Authentic Lei for Your Celebration

We have beautiful, authentic lei for graduations, weddings, and all the moments in between at Buy Hawaiian Lei. All our Hawai’i lei, including lei for parties are completely handmade with craftsmanship and quality in mind.

We also take great care with our shipping — no standard boxes here! Colorful and custom-made, our boxes are temperature-controlled to ensure maximum freshness for orders in Hawaiʻi and on the mainland.

Elevate your occasion with fresh flower lei from Hawaiʻi!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about our Hawaiian lei for parties, including questions about shipping and the perfect lei for your celebration!

Can I get my bulk order lei shipped to the mainland?

Absolutely! You can experience the beauty of Hawaiʻi from anywhere on the mainland. At Buy Hawaiian Lei, we offer fast delivery and ship lei in insulated packaging with a cold pack to keep optimal temperature and ensure the freshness of your lei upon arrival.

What celebrations should I buy fresh lei in bulk for?

Bulk lei is great for celebrations big and small. Add a touch of Hawaiʻi to a birthday party, buy lei for school or hospital fundraising, transform a wedding or graduation into a Hawaiian paradise with lei for the guests, or even share Aloha at a housewarming party.

What do I do with lei after wearing it?

To discard a lei is to discard the love of the person who gave it to you. To show respect, you should treat it with care and thoughtful consideration when you’re finished. Return it back to nature by setting it in a tree, burying it, or burning it.

What’s the most popular lei for parties?

One of the most popular lei is definitely the classic purple orchid lei. They’re simple, beautiful, and versatile enough to wear for men and women at almost any celebration. Other top choices include ti leaf lei, which has a beautiful handwoven pattern, and handcrafted, polished kukui nut lei.

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