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Top Hawaiian Souvenirs

Your memories of Hawaii will be full of sunny days at the beach, tropical fruit flavors, and the sweet scent of tuberose and hibiscus flowers. The Hawaiian souvenirs you bring home will be the perfect reminder of the blissful time you spent in the summery paradise of Hawaii.

Let's look at some of the best Hawaiian souvenirs that will spark your memory of that vacation that was the most fun in the sun you ever had.

Hawaiian Leis

Everyone goes home from Hawaii with a fine collection of Hawaiian leis including flower leis, fabric leis, and if you were a wedding guest, you might be wearing a festive wedding lei. One look at your vacation photos, and everyone will know you've been in sunny Hawaii if you are wearing a lei. This beautiful and meaningful floral creation which has great cultural significance makes a great souvenir.

kukui nut leis
kukui nut leis

Kukui nut leis or Orchid leis make the perfect gift, of course, you will buy some for yourself. Let the scent of fresh flower leis fill your home. The flowers used in leis are pretty long-lasting and will stay fresh for up to a week. So after you are home from your vacation, you can continue to enjoy your leis for some time. Also, you can hang them to dry and preserve them in the same way you can dry a wedding bouquet or other special flowers.

Also, buy some luxurious silk artificial leis that will last a lifetime. These are great if you love dancing a lot and they look as beautiful as fresh leis.

If you have children in your life, we know they love wearing Hawaiian leis with splashes of pink, purple, white, green and red flowers. They will adore the gift and feel the emotion of the loving aloha spirit. Parents and grandparents will also appreciate the blessing, beauty and meaning of being given a gorgeous Hawaiian lei.

Learn how to make : Double Orchid Lei

Hawaiian Food And Drink

Vacations are a time to try new food, and almost always, you find a new favorite. Take the taste of Hawaii home to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts are a decadent treat and Hawaiian candies are delicious too. Stock up on rice cakes, ginger cookies, and dried fruit. A bottle of Koloa Rum is almost an essential and don't forget your pineapple wine and Kona coffee.

If you are a true foodie and have fallen in love with Hawaiian cuisine, you might like to book a traditional cooking class. Learn some of the dishes from an expert cook, buy some of the ingredients you can take home and recreate your favorite dishes. It won't be the same without the beach, palm trees, and live Hawaiian music playing in the background, but it will take you back to your treasured time in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Spa Products

Remember when you had that wonderful Hawaiian traditional massage at the spa in Hawaii? That blissful experience can be relieved at home with Hawaiian spa products. We recommend you buy Hawaiian spa products in packs to get the best value for money. Coconut soap, pineapple scrub, plumeria lotions and those exotic candles that smell so great will be a souvenir you can use every day at home. If you have a favorite fragrance, stock up so you have enough to last until your next Hawaiian vacation.

Maui Babe : The "Amazing Browning Lotion" has created a niche for all sun tan enthusiasts with our natural Hawaiian ingredients including; Kona Coffee extract which gives our product a unique smell & feel, along with our Kukui Nut oil which is a natural skin healer.

Hawaiian Decorations

How about an authentic Hawaiian hula girl decoration for your car dashboard? These come under the kitsch category and are trendy, retro decorations that are sometimes collector's items. Other cool kitsch items you might like to buy are party supplies, Hawaiian print fabric, tropical-theme cups, glasses, and tiki tumblers. Retro or vintage Hawaiian homeware items are always in fashion.

We are also obsessed with pineapples. Even though they are not native to Hawaii, pineapples are abundant there. They also look chic and stylish on everything from clothing to home decor and ornaments. It's not hard to find a pineapple souvenir if you share our obsession. Surfboards are another one. They ooze sunny, cool vibes and look great on decorations, art and signs.

Hawaiian Art

For travelers who also have a love of interior decorating, buying artwork on vacation is a joyful experience. We are not talking about decorating your bedroom in an ocean theme with shell pictures and ocean bed linen. We mean buying a piece of artwork that you adore. It might be a funky watercolor print of the hang loose gesture, a fine art photography print of a sunset beach scene, or a traditional wooden carving.

Hawaii is full of talented local artists, and the quality of work they produce is amazing. Lauren Roth uses a unique combination of watercolor, acrylic, ink, to express herself through dreamy art pieces.

Photo courtesy of Marissa Phillips-Wallace

Hawaiian Accessories

Keep those tropical dreams alive with Hawaiian accessories. Hair clips with flowers are a stylish and easy way to add a beautiful touch to any outfit, no matter what the season. You might have worn fresh flowers with your Hawaiian lei during your trip to Hawaii and didn't it make you feel gorgeous? Haku leis or flower crowns can be worn for special occasions. We say your Hawaiian lei, floral crown or flower hair accessories can be worn for everyday wear as well as those important events, parties, and outings. Shell necklaces, Kukui nut bracelets, and Hawaiian print face masks all make lovely mementos and gifts.

More Hawaiian Souvenir Ideas

  • A ukulele for the music lover in your life

  • Luxury jewelry made of silver, pearls, coral and rare shells

  • Random pretty things like keyring and shells

  • Hawaiian shirts for dad or your favorite uncle

  • Koa wood items

  • Postcards and stamps


Credit Pic: abc store

Hawaiian souvenirs have great sentimental value and aren't expensive. Buying nice Hawaii-inspired mementos of your trip will invoke precious memories and pleasantly surprise friends and family back home. Load up on flower leis, Hawaiian art, and all the other beautiful souvenirs because you probably won't find these gems anywhere else except for Hawaii.

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