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The Most Popular Graduation Lei 2021

Graduation is a highlight of life that deserves to be celebrated, and a Graduation lei is a beautiful way to mark the occasion. There are so many styles and colors of gorgeous Hawaiian leis that are popular gifts for graduation ceremonies and events.

Being blessed with a beautiful adornment of leis will make any graduate feel very special. So much hard work has paid off, and it is time for a ceremony to recognize their achievements. Then they will be off into the world to pursue jobs, careers, travel, experiences or future study. Since leis are traditionally given as a welcome or departing gift, it makes perfect sense to give them to graduate students who are leaving school life and entering a new chapter of life.

Here are some of the different styles of graduation leis that are just right for the graduating academic in your life.

The Most Popular Graduation Lei 2021

This classic-style Hawaiian lei is instantly recognizable because it is so popular in Hawaii and all around the world. The purple orchid single lei is beautiful, inexpensive and long-lasting. Great for any occasion, the purple and white color goes well with many outfits and for many special occasions. This fragrant-free lei can be easily dyed, making it versatile too. No wonder it's so popular!

The beautiful Maile lei is leafy and luxurious with a combination of scented flowers and leaves or vines. Often made using Hilo, Polynesian, and Ti Leaf, this lei is intertwined with leaves and flowers and worn open and measures five to six feet in length. The Hilo and Polynesian leaves are delicate, so some care needs to be taken when wearing them, while the Ti Leaf lei is more sturdy.

Another popular choice is the double orchid lei because of the full appearance, which makes it more decadent-looking than the single orchid lei. The sweet fragrance is also very appealing, plus it's durable as well as ever so pretty. These leis shine in photos that the graduate will treasure forever.

We love this Hawaiian lei for its classic beauty and timeless look. This lei is easy to wear and matches any outfit, so if you are unsure of the color the special graduating student might prefer, you can't go wrong with a white orchid single lei.

The Haku lei is a crown-style designed to be worn on the head. The eye-catching lei is adorned with tropical flowers in season and might include bright blooms of orchids, carnations and baby's breath mixed with ferns and Ti leaf. This lei looks regal and glorious and makes the person wearing it feel absolutely gorgeous. It is perfect for a graduate who likes to look fashionable and fabulous.

Ti leaf lei is a popular style for men and is believed to bring good luck to the person wearing it. So it makes the perfect gift for a graduate who is embarking on an exciting new stage of life. It is dark green and lightweight, so looks smart and stylish as well as fresh and natural. The native leaf seen in many leis and other decorations at ceremonies and important occasions will bring joy and good luck to all graduates receiving one.

Bring on the festive vibes with bright and colorful dyed orchid leis. All the colors of the rainbow are available, and if you have a lei featuring one solid color or mix several shades together, the result is vibrant and beautiful. A dyed color orchid lei will infuse color and spirit into the outfit of the person you wish to honor. Choose colors to match your graduates school colors or your themed event.

One look at the elegant Butterfly lei and you realize how the name came about. The light orchid petals are intricately woven and look just like delicate butterfly wings. This feminine lei looks lovely on graduation day and is available in an array of colors, including purple, green and white. Or you might like to blend several colors to make this fragrant-free lei stand out even more. It is also possible to dye the petals if you need another color. This lei is quite durable and long-lasting if it is stored at a cool temperature.

Another distinctive and lovely lei is the Kukui Nut lei. When the early Polynesians arrived at the Hawaiian Islands, they introduced kukui trees and nuts. Now you can see the iconic sight of the tree all around Hawaii. Once only worn by royalty, today the stunning Kukui Nut lei

is for any special occasion or event and a fashion accessory.

The sweet scent of pikake lei is as alluring as its pretty appearance. The gorgeous smell from the Arabian jasmine flowers is soft and fragrant but never overpowering, even when you string many strands together. It's common to have 2-3 stands or more together. These flowers don't last long and the lei is very delicate.

Where can i buy Hawaiian leis 

There are a number of places one can buy graduation leis at. For those of you living in the state of Hawaii there are many well known Lei shops where you can walk in and browse an array of lei styles. You can also go to many grocery stores or drug stores where they have a general selection of leis. However if you are in the mainland and you are looking for a Hawaiian lei shipped to the mainland you can shop at and find the exact styles and colors to match your graduates school colors or your themed event. We also offer graduations leis packs with special prices and bulk lei orders with free shipping. 

Hawaiian Leis make a beautiful graduation gift that is full of the aloha spirit. They smell lovely and look gorgeous in graduation day photographs and video. There are so many beautiful graduation lei options, so we hope this article helped you decide which one to buy. Or if you need bulk lei options we are happy to arrange all you need.

Keep in mind the colors of the graduation robe, school colors, and the student's style and personality when making the final selection. Big congrats to your loved one, and we would love to see some photos of our leis on the proud graduates.

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