• Thank you for your great service!! The leis were a great hit and arrived in exquisite condition! Even through 5 to 6 hours of face melting heat, they looked as perfect as when we opened the box!!! EVERYONE loved them Thank You so very much -for the exceptional service and the most gorgeous leis we have ever seen! Sincerely yours.                                                                           Tinker Tingstrom, Summerland, CA


  • Good Morning,I recently ordered leis from your website and was thrilled by the quality and timeliness of the order. I ordered leis to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my parents who met in Hawaii while serving in the Army. It was a wonderful celebration and Buy Hawaiian Lei made it even better. Thank you for delivering such a high quality product at a good price and in time for the occasion! Emily Whyte


  • We received our order of 11 leis yesterday. They were given to my daughter and 6 other teammates and coaches for Volleyball Senior night. They were beautiful and fresh. These Idaho girls were so surprised and loved them so much. Thank you!!! We will be customers again for Senior night for her basketball team and her graduation. Thanks again for great service                                     Kari Ho'opi'i


  • I received the leis this morning. They are beautiful.  Thank you for your kindness and for helping us celebrate my children. Thank you so much                                                                                      Karen Navarro


  • I just received your shipment and they are absolutely beautiful and they smell so pretty I put them in a styrofoam cooler with an ice pack for the day and then I'll take him in a sack to the restaurant tonight thank you so much. I'll try and send pictures if I can figure out how you don't know how much this means to me and my mom and hopefully my dad. Sincerely                                               Michele Martin


  • We had just a few extra leis left over and we were able to give those to some folks who could not be there. This was yesterday and they looked as good as they did on Friday when they arrived. More folks have noted their amazement that..."wow, these are real leis!" They look great. Thanks for working with us.                                           Jay Price


  • If 10 stars were permitted?, this amazing lei store would receive that score!  Recently, I searched the web for a very unusual lei creation: a single lei to encircle my sister's casket for her funeral. NO OTHER lei company responded to my pleas except Buy Hawaiian Lei ! and their compassionate, professional customer service was simply beyond description or compare!  They created an exquisite single and double purple orchid lei and even upgraded the FedEx delivery to overnight! at their own expense.  Who has ever heard of service like that?  

          Barbara R.