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Need to find the right lei for a male? Make your special man feel like royalty!

  • We offer traditional Hawaiian flower leis for men, such as leis made of kukui nuts and/or leaves. Grooms, graduates, men being honored, and prom dates are often seen in maile, which are open-ended vine lei and are known as the "lei of royalty". Check out ttps://

Need to order in leis for men in bulk or for lei fundraising? Click here.

  • Buy leis for men in bulk and get free shipping. Contact us today for any questions at or call us at 1 (808) 304-1046. We ship nationwide and locally. Best prices + free shipping + freshness guaranteed!

Do guys wear leis?

  • Yes, traditionally, men wear leis made of kukui nuts or leaves, and grooms and male prom dates are often seen in maile as these are known as "lei of royalty". Learn more about top graduation lei trends.

What does a lei symbolize?

  • Historically, leis show honor and respect as well as bring beauty to the person wearing it. Leis for men help males stand out during special occasions.

Do guys wear leis for graduation?

How much is a Maile Lei?

  • Maile leis are worn by both males and females, especially as wedding leis and graduation leis. They are popular as they are a symbol of honor as well as beautiful and fun to wear. Maile Style Lei. range in price from $50.00 on up, depending on the flower lei it is wrapped with. Shipping varies by store, this where the prices may vary significantly. At Buy Hawaiian Lei, we provide the best prices, fastest shipping, and great service. For a less expensive lei option to the Maile Style Lei consider the Ti Leaf Leis and Ti Leaf Leis with Orchid wraps.

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