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Hawaiian-Made Ti Leaf Lei, Kukui Nut Lei, and More

Need to find the right lei for a special man in your life? Commemorate a special occasion and make him feel just like royalty with our traditional Hawaiian flower lei for men, such as lei made of kukui nuts and/or leaves. From authentic kukui nut lei to maile lei, you can always find handmade Hawaiian lei that will make the moment perfect with Buy Hawaiian Lei.

Stand Out With Hawaiian Lei

Celebrating an upcoming graduation? Our graduation lei for guys will not only help him stand out but make him feel like royalty! Hawaiian-made and crafted with care by hand, our collection includes ti leaf lei, kukui nut lei, maile lei, and maile ti leaf lei.

When it comes to special occasions like weddings, graduations, and proms, it’s common to see men being honored and celebrated with maile. Known as “lei of royalty”, they’re open-ended vine lei. Kukui nut lei is also a great choice! Our beautiful kukui nut lei are handcrafted and polished individually, offering wearers a classic look and stand-out glow at their celebration. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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Say It With Flowers

Don’t let those special moments pass by without authentic Hawaiian lei! Our lei are 100% handmade using fresh, real flowers, kukui nuts, leaves, and more for a genuine Aloha experience.

Whether you order from Hawaiʻi or the mainland, you can feel confident in the quality of your lei with our 100% freshness guarantee. We offer fast shipping and send your lei in beautiful, temperature-controlled boxes so you can have peace of mind with your ti leaf lei, fresh orchid lei, and orchid blooms.

Make the moment perfect with an authentic Hawaiian lei!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Hawaiian lei for men, including what they symbolize and the occasions they’re perfect for!

Do guys wear lei?

Yes! Lei are for anyone who wants to experience the Aloha spirit! Traditionally, guys wear lei made of ti leaf, kukui nuts or leaves. Grooms and male prom dates are often seen in maile, as these lei are known as the “lei of royalty”. They can also be worn for graduations, luaus, parties, and events/celebrations.

What do lei symbolize?

Historically, lei show honor and respect, as well as bring beauty to the wearer. They’re sure to stand out during any special occasion with lei. These flower necklaces can also be used to convey feelings, denote social status, and celebrate any number of special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations.

Do guys wear lei for graduation?

Yes! Both male and female graduates of all ages wear and are given lei to celebrate their accomplishments. Popular graduation lei for guys include kukui nut lei, maile style lei, and Hawaiian ti leaf lei. If you’re unsure which to choose for your graduate, check out the top 3 graduation lei trends.

How much is a maile lei?

Worn by males and females (especially during graduations and weddings for its beauty), maile and maile ti leaf lei can range in price from $50 and up depending on the flower lei it’s wrapped with. We offer fast shipping and the best prices at Buy Hawaiian Lei, with no hidden fees!

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