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Brand: Buy Hawaiian Lei LLC

ELEGANT MENS LEI - Elegant Ti Leaf Lei + Purple Orchid Lei Wrap/Twist. It is a special lei that marks tradition and culture in a beautiful hand woven pattern. It is made using Ti Leaf that is cut and woven together in a braid. Ti Leaf Lei with orchid wrap is one of Hawaii's iconic leis and has been worn to represent good luck. To wear an authentic Ti Leaf Lei embodies the spiritual essence of the Hawaiian people and their values.. Check out great gift ideas at

  • Best For: Worn mostly by men.
  • Lei Length: 38 inches for Orchid Lei.
  • Durability: Lei last about 3-7 days upon arrival provided it's kept between 50-55F. 100% freshness guaranteed, see terms.
  • Care: It is best to coil, wrap in newspaper/paper towel and refrigerate but do not freeze. Air out (hang dry) for about one hour prior to usage. This is to prevent oils from staining clothing. Ti Leaf must be completely dry before using or it may stain a light color garment. If there is still moisture, carefully wipe areas with a dry paper towel.
  • Recommended Shipping: Ships fast nationwide. Overnight delivery, 2nd Day delivery and Saturday delivery available. Packed neatly with ice packs to keep it at proper temperature.
  • Need Alaska, Saturday delivery or bulk pricing? Please email or call us directly at 1 (808) 304-1046.

CRITICAL - Ti Leaf leis may cause staining so please air dry at room temperature at least 1 hour prior to use. You may use a clean paper towel to carefully wipe down moisture or oil residue on lei. If you have no flowers wrapping the Ti Leaf lei and there is oil residue, please rinse in a container with fresh water then dry, repeat as needed.

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