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HAND PAINTED REAL HAWAIIAN KUKUI NUT LEIS - Our beautiful real Kukui Nut Leis are handcrafted and polished individually, then hand painted with the traditional turtle motif. This lei represents a historical elegance that carries on the tradition of Hawaiian royalty. This lei can be worn by men and women and is a favorite choice for its classic look and durability lasting forever. Kukui nuts were once referred to as candlenut as in ancient times the nut and oils were placed in a cupped stone to burn and shed light for lengthy periods of time. In this same way the Kukui Nut Leishines like a spot light on the individual who wears it. Our Hawaiian Kukui Nut Lei is great for graduations, events, birthdays, celebrations and weddings.

  • Colors: Hand painted Turtle motif in Red, Green, White and Yellow on black Kukui Nut.
  • Best For: Mostly Worn by men.
  • Lei Length: The Lei Length is 36" in circumference.
  • Durability: Very durable, made of nuts.
  • Recommended Shipping: Any shipping method works with this durable traditional lei.
  • Need Alaska, Saturday delivery or bulk pricing? Please email or call us directly at 1 (808) 304-1046.
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