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A WORK OF ART - Classic White Deluxe Fancy indiana Orchid Lei. Handcrafted, expertly woven - a traditional fresh Hawaiian white orchid lei. Sure to impress all who receive this special lei.

  • Best For: Worn by men and women.
  • Lei Length: Single strand using 47- 50 Dendrobium Purple Orchid blooms, the orchid lei Length is 38" in circumference.
  • Durability: The shelf life upon arrival is about 3-7 days and sometimes longer provided it's stored between 50-55F. Standard refrigerators are fine. DO NOT FREEZE. 100 % freshness guaranteed, see terms.
  • Recommended Shipping: Ships fast nationwide. Overnight delivery, 2nd Day delivery and Saturday delivery available. Packed neatly with ice packs to keep it at proper temperature.
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