Purple Orchid Single Lei - Bulk Order Free Shipping

Purple Orchid Lei ( Dendrobium ) - Bulk Order Free Shipping

  • The classic lei of Hawaii. Simple, beautiful and lasts. Best seller all-year round
  • Excellent for gatherings or events. Durable lei and very easy to take care of.
  • Single strand using 47- 50 Dendrobium Purple Orchid blooms, The Lei Length is 38" in circumference
  • The shelf life upon arrival is about 3-7 days and sometimes longer provided it's stored between 50-55F.  Standard refrigerators are fine.  DO NOT FREEZE
  • We ship using Fedex Shipping. Packed nicely with Ice packs to keep it at proper temperature.  
  • Overnight Delivery only available Tue - Fri  (Not avail in states east of the rocky mountains)
  • 2 Days Delivery only available Tue - Fri
  • For MONDAY & SATURDAY Deliveries please contact us

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